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after a long break I'M BACK.

Divine Goddess

Kavinganuku Kalaiyin Meedhu Kadhal Vandhadhu
Andha Kalaiyin Meedhu Konda Kadhal Unnai Vendradhu 
Iruntha Podhum Undhan Meedhu
Kadhal Enbadhu En Kanavil Vendru Vaazhvil Vendru
Unnai Velvadhu

Whatever You Want
Whatever You Need Enna Venum Solladi

Whatever You Are
Whatever You Be Neethan En Kadhali

Wedding invitations


What Ever you Decide to do, Make Sure It Makes you Happy 

Friends caricature

Marriage invitation for friend shesha and social media post
 for remindar to is friends


One of the art work for #KattapavaKannom
Not yet released

One of my art work in #KattapavaKannom

only fish design done by myself not a banner

Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones 
only one which I like very much to see has a series, After watching it 
you cn't stay simply automatically you will start create some thing 
I have started one big art work to dedicated for #gameofthrones team.

wedding gifts

Indian wedding gifts for couples


Aghoris believe that every person's soul is Shiva but is covered by aṣṭamahāpāśa "eight great nooses or bonds" - sensual pleasure, anger, greed, obsession, fear and hatred. The practices of the Aghoris are centered around the removal of these bonds. Sādhanā in cremation grounds destroys fear; sexual practices with certain riders and controls help release one from sexual desire; being naked destroys shame. On release from all the eight bonds the soul becomes sadāśiva and obtains moksha.


inspiring color and style taken from oter artist